Egg Day-What It's About

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I love eggs.

I love to cook them and eat them and I love to be social while cooking them and eating them. I love them so much I could pay a restaurant to let me make omelets at a breakfast buffet. But that would be stupid because who pays to work, but then I thought about these to things and my love of eggs: One is the Happiness Project and the other is This I Believe from NPR, on which someone said they have a Friday Afternoon Cake happening every week at their house.

Wouldn't that be lovely?

The Happiness Project, the abbreviated version, is to mindfully go about creating happiness in your world and you'll get more happy. "More happy" is used there as a noun and an adjective. I'm all about making some happy.

The piece on NPR was about happiness and community building. I like that too. I believe that we are in a time of massive community building or organizing outside of historic norms, like not at work or church or civic organizations. We can do it now for no or little money. We've got the internet to connect us and back yards to meet in. I'm not one to work for mega corporations, I'm not one to affiliate with organized religion, I hardly have it in me to keep up with professional groups.

But I do love people. I love the exchange of stories and the sharing of ideas.

I also love to cook, and bake, and eat, and feed people. Do you see where this is going?

My people are a diverse hodge podge of folks. From people I cycle with, to old friends I once worked with, to people I've met along the way. If you are reading this and we have yet to meet, but you want to come to egg day, you will probably become my people.

Nice to meet you.

So here are the parameters, of course there are parameters because how will you know what to do if I don't share? You are not mind readers. Well if you are I like a good parlor trick so do perform when you come but otherwise here they are. Not many but important to know none- the less.

The last Sunday of the month, (July 26th) from 11ish to 1ish I'll be home and there will be food served. The weekends might hop to the second to the last weekend of the month, depending because there will be eggs the weekend I have the kiddo (August 23rd). But I'll post here and in email a week ahead of time so you can check to be sure.

You need to bring whomever you'd like and something breakfast-y. It could be a dozen raw eggs, a casserole, a sleeve of bagels, a pound of bacon, muffins, juice, coffee, fruit, prune danish, whatever. Nothing will be snubbed. The only thing is that you know your ingredients so the allergy people can be aware of what's inside.

You need to leave your grouchy, grumbling, pissy, caustic, mean spirited stuff at home.

I suppose that's important because I've bolded it and put space around it.

We all enjoy a dash of cynicism and sarcasm but if you get all ugly you'll be clucked at by me. There will be other cluckers in the group too, to be sure. This isn't the time for crotchity attitudes. Again, I'm no hippy tree huggy girl, (no offense if you are, you know I love you). We won't be holding hands and singing, but but this is about making some joy.

You can certainly bring your sleepy, hungover self to the game, we'll prop you up in the corner and give you strong coffee and eggs.

And I know my address isn't posted here, because I'm not one to invite trouble. If you don't know where I live, and I've been in the same house for 14 years, drop a line in the comment section and I'll reply.

Hope to see you here.


  1. Hello, Juli-

    You have a good idea here; more power to ya! On the 26th, we'll be in Michigan, alas. Mike has a full teaching day on Sundays, but if we get a break in the schedule to attend, we'll let you know.
    Much love,
    Yer Mum


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