Sincerity vs Cynicism


Sincerity is a interesting personality trait. I am torn between my cynical self and my desire to be earnest. I think this post belongs on Egg Day The Blog because it is a very sincere place. I really do want to manifest happiness and joy via eggs and community building and yet I roll my own eyes as I type that sentence.

Cases and Points:
I like fashion.
I clearly see the futility in the industry. Earnestly I also see it as wearable art or representation of self to a high level but also, it's a huge waste of potential time and talent when people are going hungry and wars are waging.

I heart the hell out of drug store cosmetics.
Again what's the point of painting ones face when there is mayhem and destruction consuming our world. Couldn't a girl better put her efforts elsewhere? I also see the primal human experience to paint ones body. We've been doing it since we realized mud mixed with berries makes a pretty burnt sienna color which contrasts or compliments nicely with any pigment. Really, I see blue eyeshadow as an extension of that endeavor.

I do let my daughter play in momma's make up bag but why does she gravitate to the blue eye shadow? I suppose you may ask why it's there in the bag to begin with. I call it a failed experiment.

I sincerely think everyone has a place in this world.
The masses exist for a reason, but don't push against me in a crowd or I will stab you with my dagger eyes. You will feel my wrath. Dude, I confuse myself.

My friends have come to expect a certain level of snark from me and yet I recoil to think that is who I've become. Good to see that they are embracing my positive turn toward sincerity. Or perhaps they are snickering in the corner behind my back, wondering how long it will last. That's okay too. One day there will be too many mojitos and "make over day". I have blue eye shadow and a camera.