Pencil It In. 9-20-09

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I love having this "Egg Day" happening. It's turning out to be great fun. The next one is September 20th, then October 18th.
I kind of knew from a marketing class that if you name a concept and define it with a fewer rather than more words it can be catchy.

I've invited people to Egg Day, of course.

I say, "Well I have this brunch once a month. It's a community building thing. It's a place to come and have some food and leave bad attitudes outside. I call it 'Egg Day' because well I had to name it something. Human's like names." We do.

One neighbor was said, "'Egg Day' is on the calendar."

Others have said, "'Egg Day' was so much fun."

"When's the next 'Egg Day'?"

That's so much better than, "Juli's happiness community building monthly brunch." It fits better in the little square on the wall calendar and it easier to type into the Black Berry.

Go marketing class.

I've learned a few other things from those classes too, which I share in conversation as people chat about their businesses. Like name your customer who represents your demographic.

Really if you know Margaret is the woman who'd just gobble up your product, develop her in your mind, where does she work, what does she do in her spare time and how old is she...etc. And no rarely is there only one demographic, but it's a starting place.

So with "Egg Day" who is my customer? They are Kristy and Ben. Committed to each other, maybe married, both employed and with a kid or thinking about having one. They are a little to the left politically and savvy enough to talk with anyone. They are pushing 40, recycle, and spend more than they should on food.

And no, I don't really think of Egg Day as something that needs marketing, but it's an exercise and exercise is good for you, right?

Now I'm blurring this blog with the other. The Lunchlady to MBA one. That's the one where I talk about the change I'm continuing to process. Becoming a business maven is part of that change that stands in front of me.

Juli Carvi, Business Maven. That could be a funny business card title.

And dear people, I am trying to think of a business name for my coaching stuff. Have any ideas? Let me know.


  1. i was thinking of names for my stuff, but this could work for you. what do you think of-
    a little help, here
    maybe just a tagline. it's kind of cutesey, but i was liking it.

  2. I really love the name egg day! I'd put Egg Day on my calendar!


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