Choosing Kisses

PHOTO BY: platinumblondelife

A friend asked me today if now that I’ve tuned into happiness if I am more apt at noticing other people being unhappy.

The quick answer is, “yes.”

I want to say that I equate snarky with unhappy though.

You know you get a hit when you are snarky, like look how hip or smart or witty I am but it’s at the expense of someone or something. And if you are talking to someone who sees things similarly you’re golden. Well, if you want to show them how hip and clever you are. They’ll give you props. You’ll get your hit. And it feels so good.

But at the end of the day or week or goodness, lifetime you’ve got to be feeling pretty crappy. I mean if you devote so much energy to putting things down you can’t see the good around you. You can’t probably see the good within you either.

It’s a painful cycle.

I was trying to pinpoint when I stopped, -well for the most part- I do fall into the cynicism well every once in a while and it was when I met someone who is wholly good. She pauses before she says something mean. She ponders her words and nearly apologizes after they come out. You know she deliberates over their impact and while she doesn’t always choose the higher path, she chooses.

And choosing is what makes it fantastic.

And by the way, she showed my by example, not by berating me, not that we’d expect anything less. Right?

I see it like mindlessly eating chocolate kisses or mini peanut butter cups; it’s not going to kill you to do it every now and again. But daily, it’s going to show. And even better is not eating them mindlessly but choosing to eat one or two or three and knowing full well why and what you might need to do to mitigate the negative impact.

So do you choose?