Foodie Foolishness

PHOTO BY: decentjoyce

I want to write about egg-citing eggs, or egg-straordinary joy, but I'll keep that to myself.

The people were fantastic today,

the conversation joyful and the food down right delicious. There is a competitive air to some of the dishes, where one might think that's not okay for EGG DAY, but somehow it fits. Dave's puff pastry egg filled scrumptiousness vied with Mary's French toast bake and my sweet and sour lychee meatballs (finish them in the oven, then add to the sweet and sour sauce) stood up next to them for popularity. Lest you think everything is rich, while most of it is, there is always a nod to fruit and today was no exception. There were yogurt smoothies, and fruit tea drinks, and just a big ol' bowl of berries.

Some may say that we should only eat locally,

but really, in October raspberries are not local, and I rather have them than not. Is that bad? Am I spoilt? Do I add it to my carbon foot print? Perhaps the fact that I recycle is like buying a carbon off-set. I'm not completely oblivious to my personal impact on the planet, but I am not plagued with anxiety like some.

So I think EGG DAY the blog is going to transition into a foodie blog.

You know, all my blogs are something about food. My life is about food. I've decided to quit running from it and embrace my love and history with the stuff. I could start yet another blog, but frankly, all the cooking and baking and playing in the kitchen I do relates back to EGG DAY so why bother with a new one?

So my readers, both of you, here we go. I expect I'll be posting more and linking more, because that's what a girl ought to do.

If I get really adventurous, I’ll even post pictures of foodie foolishness. Wouldn't that be charming.


  1. Sounds great! Will there be some pics of everyone's creations? I'd love to see them! :)


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