More about Change

PHOTO BY:IK's world trip

I've said I want to make change,

not like four quarters for a dollar kind of change, but real make your life better change.

And there's change brewing in these here hills. I need get all my writing, all my blogs, I do believe this is number 4 or 5, and kind of put them together in the master blog of all Juli-ness. There will be ample editing. There'd be nothing more embarrassing than to have my 9th grade diary out for the world to see and my first blog feels a little 9th grade diary-ish. But you know I'm moving forward. There’s probably a gem or two in the mess to harvest.

I'm moving forward with Actuate,
Business Strategies. And while lots of my junk on the blogs isn't business related, I feel it can give a flavor of who I am and what I might offer a client. Anyway, chances are this will be redirected to that or that will be redirected to here. It so would help if I had a neighbor or pal to help, but whatever, I'll get it done.

I'm good at getting things done.

Someone once said, everything can happen, given a long enough time line. I like to believe that's true.

I’m trying to think of headers like “advice”, “flavor”, “instructions” I’ve been preachy. Really I just want to have “hire me”. Somehow I think I need to give people a wee bit more though.

What would you want from a coach?

Someone yelling at you to drop it like a drill sergeant? Hand holding? Cheerleader? Actually how about someone who earnestly listens to what you are doing and hears you talk about where you want to be, then she gives you some guidance or clarity which maps the path? Yeah, I want to be that kind too.