October 18th.


I'm thinking EGG DAY in October is going to be the best one yet.

No, I don't know what I'm making,

but people I love will be there. New people I've recently met will be there, and folks traveling big distances will be there.

How fortunate am I? My world is full of people who like eggs and conversation.

If I could poach eggs (cook them, not steal them) and make them heart shaped for you I would. You know the idea was to make people happy by sharing a bit of upbeat time together, but frankly I'm the one who is happier. I'm down right tickled.

Again, what a lucky duck am I.

Please come if you can.

To save you the trouble of reading more than one post, bring a coffee mug that you can either leave with me for upcoming events, or take home with you. I'm trying to be environmentally friendly and nixing disposable serving wear where ever possible.

Aside from that bring something to edible to share and your sunny disposition. The coffee will be hot and the atmosphere friendly.