Francophilia and Eggs

PHOTO BY foxspain

It’s not just about eggs. It’s about enjoying life and the people who fill it.

I’m kind of sad that the next EggDay isn’t to happen until January 24th, but these things can’t be helped. We just accept that is how it is.

And notice the sunninesses happening everywhere else.

Eggs are on my mind because I had a delicious treat today. Yesterday I was talking to a co-worker about my fantastic cousin in Cincinnati, Kate who raises urban chickens. They aren’t hip and happenin’ chicks with Alexander McQueen boots, but chickens raised in the city. Well the coworker, Joyce raises chickens too. She’s less urban than Kate, but she’s got eggs.

Joyce brought me eggs to work today.

A simple gift, but wholly generous. She thought of me and brought me a dozen of the most gorgeous brown eggs. I’ve eaten two already. (Perk of being a lunch lady, I have a kick ass gas range 15 feet from my office door, and industrial tools to cook with.) Being thought of is so nice.

And it doesn’t end with the eggs.

I was given perfume. I big ol’ giant box of perfume samples, each one different and tasked with sampling every one of them. This is no hardship, I assure you. Thank you Ms. Kim.

I smell particularly delightful at the moment, Cartier.

I’m also listening to music of France in the 1950’s. God love the internet and I’m having a Francophile moment and flashbacks to childhood hours spent watching Gidget and Audrey Hepburn movies on rainy afternoons.

All this during my work a day week.

And if that’s not enough to be happy about I don’t know what is.


  1. Fresh eggs, fragrant perfume and French music from the 50's--sounds like lots to be grateful for!

    My sister just bought a pair of chickens, so I'll be very curious to see how she does with them. (Suburbs, not urbs, but it was still a surprise move).


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