March Egg Day Approaches

PHOTO BY Nina Mathews
Sunday will be Egg Day.

It's going just like I thought it would. Most months I get excited the week before hand thinking about what I'll make and making sure to put the invite out on Facebook. I spend a bit of time tidying the house the days before. Zoe is excited to have the company in the house.

All in all I'm thrilled with how Egg Day the brunch project is going. It’s been many months now.

What I'm going to continue doing is making 4 or so dishes, inviting folks the week before and vacuuming in the morning.

What I need to alter is probably ask people to bring specific things. Last time there was too much half and half and no orange juice. A simple request would even things out.

What I need to stop doing all together is counting people and putting artificial expectations on the quantity of people who show up. Even if it's only three folks, that's reason to be celebrate.

The happiness brunch is bringing happiness. Joy.


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