April's Egg Day

PHOTO BY: farlane

On the 18 we will meet again at my house to eat eggs, drink coffee and make general merriment in a low key friendly conversational way.

This past month has brought lots of changes with the weather getting warmer the daffodils are doing their thing and the trees are greening.

There's something quite beautiful about that. Also it's time for lilac jelly. I'll post pics of the process. In the dreary cold months I came across a recipe for lilac jelly and thought wow, that could be impossibly delicious. Or it could be an allergy attach in a jar. The only way to find out is to make it and see.

I have two lilacs in my backyard and they will give up their little florets for my jelly and pectin endeavors. I'll have the jelly and biscuits to sample on Sunday.

So with that I give you invitation to please come if you can. Bring your sunny disposition and a dish to share.