Be Epic, no really go and try. You can do it.

PHOTO BY: yummy-porky

I wrote a bit ago about being Epic in what you do on my business blog. I kind of forgot along the way.

Well, enter chance.

Or Chance, like a person's name. Who would name a child Chance? Wouldn't it stink if your brother's name was Victor? What were the parents thinking? "Chance, we figured we'd give you lower odds at success, you might turn out badly and we can say we thought so all along. Victor on the other hand will be accomplished!"

I digress.

The chance of which I speak has to do with a pop up ad I caught that led me to Food Network's Next Star application process for next year. I'm going to submit my video application in a few weeks. Go me. I'm shooting for EPIC. I've always thought I could entertain people and the GF recently told me I need to quit running from my true love, food. There's a whole bunch more to that, but let's say she's right.

I LOVE FOOD. I love the history and the science. I love the sociological aspects of it and the anthropological stuff of why we like we do. Lastly, I know what do with it to make it yummy.

I figure, I'm a lunch lady food nerd with a bit of kitchen skill. I could make for some interesting watching. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Oh, and next EggDay is June 27th. I'll be video taping there too as part of my entry. Hope you can make it.