Martha Stewart's Birthday

PHOTO BY: ME. Flourless Chocolate Cake

Yesterday Ms. Martha Stewart turned 69 years old.

I'm a fan as are many of my friends. I personally love that she has single handed told us 2nd generation feminists that loving your home and caring for your people is a valid use of your time. I think her phenomenal success is due to the fact that we were starved to hear it was okay, and also because we all needed to be taught how. Our brave mothers were out of the house, working because they had to and/or because they wanted to, but with that came a significant loss of the home arts.

We children were not taught.

Some of us had grandmothers or like me I had my German immigrant step-mother, who taught me some things, but many of my peers wanted "good things" but were at a loss on how to achieve them.

Then came Martha.

She made it all better. She teaches, demonstrates, shares and encourages us to the best we can with our abilities. While there are times items are terribly complicated, the overall message is, "time spent on cooking, decorating, organizing, and caring for people you love is well spent, here are some suggestions to get you started."

So we celebrated. We each brought foods made from Martha's many recipes, crafts for the kiddies, and a beautiful well appointed, cozy home, that of our hostess, Elisabeth Warner. She owns Pluck. The birthday party was her brain child.


  1. i love this post about Martha Stewart... yep, she made it allright to be a domestic goddess. :)

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