Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Oh My Goodness. Do you think I can do this more than once a year? 

I don't blog nearly as often as I used to but I still do make food all the time. It would be fair to say that I've been scattered the last bits of time but I'm back. I've been making cookies for competitions, I've done the bacon throw down and I'm still on a noodle quest with my work buddies. Food is very central to my social and professional world. 

I've not done the Daring Baker's Challenge in a minute and I'm poking around to do it again. Also, I've never ever stopped reading my favorite food blog.  Not Quite Nigella and she recently talked about gnocchi. Hit that link for "make gnocchi dumplings" part of the recipe. I used the back of a fork but I'm on the look out for a gnocchi paddle. Also, one uses a ricer utensil to rice a potato. 

I had a lone sweet potato and no other kind of potato in my pantry so inertia inspired the potato type. I have a scraggly sage bush in the back yard with some leaves left on it. I thought the sage and sweetness would be fantastic or fail. Luckily I landed on fantastic. 

Sweet Potato (not Yam) Gnocchi

1 white flesh, purple outside, sweet potato (Japanese I think)
.33 cup flour

kosher salt
1 T. butter
10 sage leaves

Poke the potato with a fork and microwave 6 minutes. Peel the potato and rice it onto a cookie sheet while it’s hot. Spread out and allow to cool.

Set a pot of water to boil.

Once the potato is cool add flour and kneed into a dough. Don’t add anything (no eggs, water or salt) Roll into gnocchi pieces. 

In a skillet melt butter. Once it’s foaming add sage. Sautee while the gnocchi are boiling.

Drop gnocchi into boiling salted water. When they pop to the surface they are done. Toss them into the butter. Sautee, browning the gnocchi with sage. Sprinkle with salt and pepper before plating.


  1. Oh I'm so pleased that you tried the recipe. What did you think of the gnocchi? I was thinking that I should give the pumpkin gnocchi another go :)

    1. I loved the gnocchi! They were light and soft! Not gummy. Where the outsides browned in butter was crazy delicious.

      Do you think they could be gluten free? Instead of wheat flour use tapioca flour?

      Absolutely give the pumpkin a go!


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