Better than OK Okonomiyaki

I love a pancake.

A savory pancake is better.

A savory pancake with Furikake and mayonnaise is delicious. Furikake is a condiment you sprinkle on rice, generally.

Tasting Table had a Japanese Okonomiyaki recipe today. I surprisingly had the ingredients (or close enough) at home. Below is my variation on a terrific theme. It's a vegetable mixture held together with eggs and normally flour. I used rice flour to make it gluten free.


1/2 head nappa cabbage, cut super thinly
4 carrots grated
3 kale leaves, just regular kale, cut super thinly
4 scallions cut thinly, white and green
1/4 cup rice flour
6 eggs, lightly beaten
pinch of salt
canola oil

Combine the vegetables in a bowl, sprinkle with rice flour and toss to coat the vegetables in the flour. Add salt to the beaten eggs then add to the vegetables.
Put a tablespoon of oil in a skillet until it gets hot. Put a quarter of the mixture in the skillet, press it into a circle. When the edges brown flip the cake over and cook longer.

Remove from the skillet sprinkle heavily with the furikake and top with a skinny layer of mayonnaise. Make more pancakes until it is all cooked. Okay so I just plopped mayo on mine and spread it out. I wished I had done the mayo differently so I had a little schmear on each bite.

Also the picture was taken after a I had started to eat it. Not really my best photographic work but certainly yummy!


  1. I love that you used furikake in this okonomiyaki! it would add so much flavour to it! :D


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