Short Bread Fans or Fans of Short Bread

Fans, the decorative edges can be done with a fork.
Making short bread in the shape of fans is a traditional way of forming the cookie.  I think baking them scored keeps the edges from drying out. And it's quick to make four fatty cookies, flatten them then score with a fork. They really are not at all fussy.

I have a friend who when she is under the weather I make her these short bread fan cookies, well because my friend is fans of short bread. Plus I always have the ingredients on hand.

Short Bread Fan Cookie

1 cup butter, room temperature
0.25 cup cornstarch
0.5 cup powdered sugar
1.5 cup white flour

kosher salt for sprinkling (optional).

Preheat oven 350 degrees. In a stand mixer or in a bowl with a hand mixer combine the butter, cornstarch, flour, and powered sugar. Start with a light touch and low speed because the ingredients are easily going to fly. I used to beat the sugar into the butter first, but found it's not necessary. It will seem as if the ingredients are dry and powdery for longer than it should, but stick with it. As the butter warms up the crumb gets moister. Stop mixing when you can form a pinch of the dough into a ball easily.

About a half cup of dough is needed per large cookie.
On a parchment lined cookie sheet make four big cookies. Press the tines into the outside half inch of the cookie to be decorative. I used a wavy cookie cutter for the pictured cookies. Score each cookie into 8 wedges, using a fork. Sprinkle lightly with salt if you are using it. Bake for 15-18 minutes, when the edge of a cookie is tan and the centers no longer look oily. Remove, cool, and cut with a sharp knife along the score marks.

Cooling on the parchment, waiting to be cut apart.
Share with friends or hoard for yourself.