Charlottes Sweet and Otherwise.

Individual Blueberry Charlotte Royale 
I know two little girls named Charlotte and they both go by Charlie. They are both little spit-fired darlings who will change the world some day. They came before Her Royal Princess so I do believe the parents were simply smitten with the name. How do you pick a child's name?

The Daring Baker's Challenge was about making Charlottes. Which are basically about an inner filling and an outer layer. I would say cake and mousse, but they can be savory. My Guacamole Zucchini Charlotte is an example.
Blanched zucchini and diced tomatoes. 

Smooth guacamole made with cream cheese, cumin, lime and cayenne. 

There is a Royale, which has slices of roll cake lining a dome shaped pan, filled and topped with more cake. It is served inverted and sliced.

The Russe, which has a round Lady Finger wall and cake bottom filled with delicious cream. There is typically a wide ribbon festooned around the cake.

Then there is the savory Charlotte. It's hard not to think 1952 Jell-o mold with celery and cottage cheese, but they really are an elegant presentation. In this day when it's a nice touch to scrape the pre-made hummus out of the plastic container into a dish or when the fanciest thing on the pot luck spread is the cheese log rolled in nuts, a Charlotte is breathtaking. Oh, I'm delighted to be invited and I'd never say a thing to anyone, I promise. But it doesn't hurt to try a little.

The Charlotte Royale I made was formed in individual spring form pans. I made a roll cake with blueberry filling and blueberry mousse.

I didn't get a Russe made by the end of the month, time got away from me.

Do you potluck regularly? Do you theme the meal or fly loose and fancy free? Are you more the dinner party type?


  1. Your Charlottes are so cute, and you made three of them, that's really something! nice job on the challenge!


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