Caramel Milk Chocolate Ganache Macarons

Caramel Milk Chocolate Macarons

I finally did it.

I've been threatening forever to make them but never gotten around to it. And not for any particular reason. Perhaps it is because there are really good macarons readily available in my area. In general meringues are something I throw together when I have extra egg whites leftover from when I make pastry cream or other things that require only egg yolks.

I really would like to come up with pairings of cookie recipes one can make with the egg white and the egg yolk like meringues and biscotti.

Regardless, here are my Macarons.

They are caramel flavored with milk chocolate ganache.

I used the French Method, which doesn't cook the meringue before adding the almond mixture. I also bought a digital scale and measured in metric, because it's more accurate. That is what they said on the Daring Baker's Challenge. They are never ever wrong. Seriously. If using a recipe from there and it doesn't work out, it's user error, not the recipe. I adore having a site where I know every recipe on a site works.

122g ground almonds
204g powdered sugar
102g egg whites
51g granulated sugar
just a touch of caramel flavoring

Ground the almonds and powdered sugar together. Sift. Ground the almonds remaining in the sifter. Grind again.
In a very clean mixing bowl beat the egg whites until they are very soft. Add the sugar at 10g or so at a time. Beat until stiff, but not dry. Add flavoring.

By hand, add the almond mixture to the egg white mixture in three batches, using a gentle touch. Pipe on to parchment lined cookie sheets. Allow to dry 30-60 minutes. They should not be tacky to the touch. Bake at 275 for 18-22 minutes. You should be able to pull a shell from the parchment and it be whole. To cool remove the parchment from the cookie sheet and cool the shells on the parchment.


113g milk chocolate
120ml heavy cream
small pinch of salt
28g unsalted butter

In a small pan bring the cream, salt and butter to a quick simmer. Off the heat. Add the chocolate and sit 5 minutes. Stir the mixture until it emulsifies. Allow the ganache to thicken (by putting in the fridge) and stir.

Match like sized shells together to make a more attractive cookie. Pipe the filling onto one side and sandwich together.

They say macarons are better on day 2. Wait if you can.
One cookie all alone....


  1. These look so yummy! I love caramel. And milk chocolate. Brava!
    ~Liz (Project Pastry Love)

  2. They look very pretty! You'll be happy to have that digital scale. It really does make baking better!

  3. Wow, you did a marvelous job on this challenge. Your macarons are beautiful and look delicious!


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