Clintonville Cooking Club-Share

We forgot to take pictures!
This was well after our tummies were full. 

The cooking club had our first Share this past Tuesday. Shares are where a host will have the group over for dinner and folks will each bring a prepared dish for other people to take home. Different than a potluck because we don't eat the foods brought by the guests until we pop open our Tupperware at home later. (Like for dinner the next day.)

Ellie, Elisabeth, & Juli
Our lovely host Elisabeth made a yummy Curried Cauliflower Soup with homemade bread and some delightful cheeses.

Ellie brought Pumpkin Chili with a variety of beans-Also deliciously seasoned. And pumpkin is about the best ingredient this time of year.

I made a Pumpkin Spinach Risotto. I liked it, but you know it's hard to mess up risotto.

We are looking for people to get all up in the Cooking Club so if it's your cup of tea, or pot of soup or whatever, please let me know.

We are slated to do a Make And Take in November. That's where we come together to make a fiddly thing that takes many hands to make a good quantity. Participants will pay their percentage of the costs take home their portion of the food made. An example would be pierogies or ravioli. There will be lively conversation, wine and snacks.