Coconut Layer Cake and Seven (14) Minute Frosting - American Cake

Martha Washington's Great Cake - American Cake -

Kentucky Jam Cake - American Cake - They all can't be winners.

Boston Cream Pie - American Cake - Oh, yes.

Cowboy Cake - American Cake - Yeah, no.

Lemon & Molasses Marble Cake - (sorry that's not chocolate and vanilla) - American Cake

Fraunces Tavern Carrot Tea Cake - American Cake - Meh

Amazing Sponge! Harriott Horry's Water Cake - American Cake

Moravian Sugar Cake aka Butter Potato Cake - American Cake

Pound Cake - American Cake

17th Century Cheesecake - American Cake

New Orleans King Cake-American Cake

The Life is Going to be Just Fine in the Colonies - Mary Ball Washington Gingerbread - American Cake

Decorated Swiss Roll

American Cake-American Ginger Bread

THE Croissant Recipe I love

Hrapocusa aka Dol Torta

Matcha Short Bread

German Plum Cake aka Zweschgendatschi


Gateau Basque

Golden Almond Lemon Cake

Carrots with Candied Ginger

Fresh Strawberry Elderflower Cake

Dutch Baby Pancake